Herry Monster's birthday!

A 4 day holiday weekend. Even though they're predicting rain.

Funny patients. Case no. 1: I was talking to a 60 something year old woman about politics, Syria, stupid Congress, Weiner and Spitzer, and she said she should run for office. She immediately took it back, saying people would start digging up dirt. She doesn't want people to find out---and I quote---what a promiscuous whore" she was and how much weed she smoked. A true and proud child of the '60s. I wonder if her grandkids know about this.

Case no. 1: We watch Family Feud at work and play along. The question was: name a place a couple would make love in that moves/rocks. Another 60+ woman says "countertop". All of us 3 remaining people (2 men) in the room burst out laughing and look at her in amazement, and ask what kind of kitchen she has. She claimed she didn't hear the question correctly.

Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

A good work week covering for someone on vacation. Aside from one patient, everyone else was very nice, including the employees.

Getting random messages on Facebook from a high school batchmate who is a cancer survivor.  Messages like these: "Wherever you may be, it's how you see the world that makes it beautiful.God bless." Or this. "Sometimes I find myself thinking of you. I don't think we were ever classmates,but somehow I think of you as a friend or a kindred spirit."  And today: "Hi Lani. I hope you feel good today. " 

 Paulo Alcazaren's photo of the last Monday's Million People March at Rizal Park in the Philippines to support the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) AKA Pork Barrel.
50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

I like to believe.

That I actually like the clinic I'm working in this week. Figures that the farthest one from me would be the one I like the most. This despite all dire warnings I've received from 2 other employees who have said some uncomplimentary things about this particular site.
Full disclosure: It probably helps that there is a Ben & Jerry's right across from the place.

That on my way home, I saw a car with the big words "MIT BOUND!!!" on the rear windshield.  They must have already dropped off their college kid because they were heading in the same direction I was. But it warmed my heart to see how proud they are that their child made it to one of the best universities in the world. Good luck, future MIT graduate!

Another lovely dream where I was in England, perhaps even in the Regency Era. Methinks I've been watching too many period dramas. And TV shows set in Great Britain.

Almost finished shopping for my vacation next month.

It was unofficially Simon Pegg Day. I watched Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz last night before I went to see The World's End today.  Then it was too hot to stay home so I decided to re-watch Star Trek Into Darkness at the cheap movie house. So bonus Benedict Cumberbatch. Who really was excellent in that film. I got home and guess who was in Top Gear? Simon Pegg and Nick Frost when they were promoting Paul. What was showing after? Hot Fuzz. I flip through the channels and what do I find? JJ Abrams's Star Trek. Why do I like his movies so much? Because of the pop culture references, the satire/parody, the humor. And also because it's not just about zombies and aliens. It's always about family and friends. They're about loyalty, devotion, and love.

But on a serious note, reading this quote: 
“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help. That's the message that he is sending.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

My sister's safe journey to the homeland.

A relatively easy work day, getting out on time. The days are getting shorter, summer is winding down.

 Appreciating solitude.  At my old job, I would almost always eat with my co-workers when our lunch breaks coincided. At this new job, I've mostly been eating alone inside the break room. Today I spent my lunch enjoying the sunshine. When I got home, I read something a guy on Humans of New York said. He celebrates Julia Child's birthday every year. He made smoky eggplant soup and ate it in Central Park. When asked if he was alone, he said, "Of course. I love to be alone. I am fabulous."  It reminded me of something my friend wrote on my birthday card a few years back. She wrote that according to the birthday book, the most interesting person I would ever meet is myself. She very kindly said that was good news for me, but not so good for the rest of humanity. She may be right.

a muggy yet sunny day that I got to enjoy after finishing work early. I even got to sit on a bench and eat a coffee ice cream cone.

Seeing these on my news feed:
God bless Antoinette Tuff. I listened to the 911 call and I was moved to tears by her courage, calmness, compassion, and kindness.

And these people who are tolerant, even protective, of other people's religious beliefs and practices.

The safety of my family and friends in the Philippines.

A colleague and friend who got an appointment to see my surgeon.  Good luck!

Dreaming of Benedict Cumberbatch in a Jane Austen-like story.

“There isn't enough darkness in all the world to snuff out the light of one little candle.” ~Siddhārtha Gautama

So I'm not really happy about my new job but am unable to quit just yet.  This calls for drastic measures: I'm starting a gratitude journal.

My sister turned 39. "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." Happy Birthday! Sorry we didn't get to see each other today.

I visited my old co-workers and realized I miss them, and that they miss me.

Since my oldest niece is heading back to college tomorrow, and the youngest one is going back to school on my next day off, I decided to spend some quality time with them. We had breakfast, ran a few shopping errands, got ice cream at a local farm. We spent quite some time there, just hanging out and shooting the breeze. Talking about anything and everything on a gorgeous sunny day. Then we went back to their house, and I watched my younger niece play with my doggy nephew while the older one started to pack. Too bad I wanted to head back home before the rush hour traffic.

  It was a lovely day!

Many happy returns of the day to my sister!

Bakit nga ba?

So I dreamt I was at work, and I had to evaluate Peter Capaldi (the 12th Doctor). I was so star-struck and started babbling, mistakenly saying he was English. He gave me this sharp, very disapproving Doctor-like look. I immediately apologized and said I knew he's Glaswegian, like Craig Ferguson. I even told him I saw his photo in CraigyFerg's book. That I knew he was in a band with him. Then I woke up.

When I fell back asleep, I was running around in a building carrying vegetables and a reusable grocery bag. (Why we weren't allowed to put the produce inside the bag is beyond me.) Then I realized I was in The Amazing Race, and my racing partner (an unknown Asian woman) were checking in at the mat with Phil Keoghan. Except that mat wasn't there, so I was very disappointed, because I love that cool mat. In Phils' small talk, he asked my partner if she knew what this weird looking vegetable was. And she guessed right that it was something that can be used as make up. We were then told we could take a break from the race and get to cook and eat the veggies we brought. I felt like a usurper, because I hadn't been running the race up until then, and yet we were team number 6 out of 11.

I then found myself in a bus, and we all got off to get onto a covered stone bridge with beautiful windows overlooking a river. I remember thinking I shouldn't have left my camera on the bus. As we were enjoying the views, Phil asked me if I was going somewhere next month. I said I'm going to France with some college friends,and he told me I should go bungee jumping. I thought that was a weird thing to recommend for a French vacation, but I managed to say yes and even made a lame reference to his other old show, No Opportunity Wasted (NOW). 

Then we descended the bridge's stone steps into the river, and Phil announced he was picking a winner for a special prize. He had to dive into the water to get a random envelope, each with the contestants' names written on it. When he surfaced, I could already see my name, and thought "Oh Lord, they're going to hate me. Because last year I joined the tail end of the race because of the UK trip, and now I get to win another vacation." And sure enough, he announced my name as I acted surprised. It was a water sports package: sailing, canoeing, kayaking. Yey.

We all went back upstairs and just hung out in a plaza. I thought this wasn't how the race is run. They barely have time to rest, as far as I knew. I couldn't figure out what country we were in. I was looking at statues and historical markers which didn't  help. I didn't want to ask my fellow racers, because they would really think I'm a carpet bagger, who just jumps into the race whenever I get the chance. I saw an old building with a very modern sign, indicating that it was a post office, again wishing I had brought my camera with me to show the contrast.

Does this just mean that I'm lost?

I love how giggly John gets in this interview with Regis Philbin. He did a fantastic job covering for Jon Stewart.

May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I ride the waves of my life.
May I live in peace no matter what I'm given.

 With the lovable James Corden.

Courtesy of my sister Lynn.

It all started because I posted on Facebook that today is National Lazy Day, as well as s'mores day. These are former co-workers. And they are sisters in law.  And this cracked me up.

Heather: Dana said she will make you s'mores but you have to be lazy here.
Me: Hehe. Got s'mores blizzard instead.
H: Dana says you suck. Now she wants s'mores. You will be hearing from her.
Dana: U do suck. I have been super lazy today and I need s'mores to complete the day. I do expect you within the half hour. Good day.
Me (to H): Just heard from her. Posted something on FB in retaliation.
Me (to D): *evil cackle* just tagged you on FB.
D: *exasperated scream* mouth watering for s'mores.
H: I cannot repeat what she called you.
Me: Oooh. I will assume the worst.
H: We will have to have a s'mores night to make it up to her. Not the worst, but I don't like to call you names.
Me: You can call me Mr. Tibbs.
H: Why would I do that?
Me: Isn't that from a movie?
H: I don't know. I am not the movie girl.
Me: Sidney Poitier starred in it. Sequel to In the Heat of the Night.
H: Thank you for clearing that up. I would have worried about it all day.
Me: Anytime. I want your peace of mind.
H: I am touched by your concern.

Meanwhile, back to Dana...
Me: I'd go there if I could. I'm in Danbury.
D: I just wrote you back. Well, I guess it's ok then. Next time.
Me: All is forgiven?
D: Wrote u on fb. I suppose lol.
Me: Heather said you called me a bad name.
D: Oh I forgot I did. Lol. She showed me the blizzard and yes a bad word came out but I didn't mean it. What's tomorrow so I can be prepared
Me: I'll keep you posted. What bad word did you say? Heather won't repeat it.
D: It doesn't matter pumpkin lol
Me: Haha. I'm thinking the worst.
D: It's not bad
Me: Sure it wasn't :)

Back to Heather...
Me: Did Dana make you s'mores?
H: She did not. I hate her now.
Me: Can I tell her that?
H: Yes. She is lucky she just left or I would tell her.
Me: No. I can't tell her you hate her for not making s'mores.
H: You are too nice.
Me: No food holiday tomorrow. But it's presidential joke day. Get yours ready.
H: I am glad you told me. Now I have time to think about it.


I've been to Mount Rushmore in my quest to see landmarks and other touristy places. I feel terrible that I never really thought about the indigenous peoples' plight, and what it took to build that monument.

"If I'm looking for the positive, I won't notice the negative. If I'm looking for the negative, I won't notice the positive. "The vision of one world costs you the vision of the other."  (A Course in Miracles)

He looks like a Time Lord already.

I visited my aunt after her surgery last week.  I haven't seen her since my own surgery 5 years ago. It was good to catch up. Although talking about 47 years of enduring a marriage to a violent and lazy man can sure bring a person down. But what I did get was a sense of humans' capacity for patience, forgiveness, or at least tolerance, in the face of our imperfect lives.

We talked about my cousin, who I tend to write off as a pretty face and a party girl. Little did I know that she works seven days a week. Monday to Friday, leaving at 6 am to work in Brooklyn; coming home at 8 pm.  Weekends, she works at her old job closer to home.  All this to support her parents and her daughter. She also has 2 kids back home. I'm not sure if she sends money to them, but she probably does. So if she decides to spend her money going line dancing on weekends, she deserves it. Who am I to judge? 

I left the hospital thinking what a spoiled brat I am. I realized what a lucky person I am. This after a week of second-guessing my decisions this year. I had started a new job last week. A job where I feel bored and unchallenged. How dare I complain that I have to get up at 545-6 am and be at work 10-12 hours a day, 3 days a week?   I have Tuesdays off, and no weekends. I live alone. All I have to think about is what play/movie/musical I'm going to see next; what book I'm going to buy; what coffee or dessert I'm going to get; what DVD or Netflix series I should watch next. I should be more grateful for my life.  If I get to sit around at work, and get paid for it, why should I complain? It's an abundance of riches.


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