npr's Robert Krulwich called it "Meryl Streep in octopus form"

"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple. The philosophy is kindness."

I was eating blueberry pancakes from Cibo for dinner tonight. I had flashbacks of the exact taste and smell of the pancakes (or hotcakes as we called them back then) my Mom used to make, including the syrup and butter.

Lovely memories.

(this photo's from Wikipedia. Cibo pancakes had blueberries in the batter...yum!)

Live in Joy.. In love,
Even among those who hate.
Live in joy.. In health,
Even among the afflicted.
Live in joy.. In peace,
Even among the troubled.
Look within. Be still.
Free from fear and attachment..
Know the sweet joy of living in the way.

"Within you lies the sun, the moon, the sky, and all the wonders of the universe."

warm dazzling sunshine
birds chirping trees blossoming
Earth renews revives

"There is only one emotion, one energy in the universe; the energy, the emotion, that we call love. When you know this, everything changes."

"Trust that everything is working out exactly as it's supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have faith."

"For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way. Good health, good luck, and happiness. For today and everyday."

"May your neighbors respect you, troubles neglect you, the angels protect you, and Heaven accept you."

"May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night."

"May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live."

"These things I warmly wish to you. Someone to love, some work to do. A bit o'sun, a bit o' cheer, and a guardian angel always near."

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."---Eckhart Tolle

"When suffering comes, we yearn from some sign from God, forgetting we have just had one."--Mignon McLaughlin

..."that there are only two ways to live your life: One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is."

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."---Marcel Proust

"Love is not a doctrine. Peace is not an international agreement. Love and peace are beings who live as possibilities in us."---Mary Caroline Richards

"Each moment is a place you have never been."

According to the Birthday Book, "The most interesting person you ever meet in your life may be yourself."


Thanks, Neil De Grasse Tyson. The universe is in me.

"not about making it to the top of the mountain, nor is it about climbing aimlessly around the mountain. Happiness is the experience of climbing towards the peak."---Tal Ben-Sharar

A week before February 19, my co-worker's sister asked me if I wanted to host the 5 Archangels at home. At first I said no because I thought it was some party, and I'm no hostess. But when I found out what it involved, who would say no to that? So a week ago, I welcomed Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Metatron into my home. This is the altar I set up: a candle that stays lit while I am home (being paranoid, I used a battery operated LED candle), a white flower, an apple, and 3 wishes in an envelope---1 for Mother Earth, 1 for my family, and 1 for myself. (I just included my Doreen Virtue Angel Oracle cards and a book on angels that caught my eye at a library sale after a personal crisis.) I cleaned the house all day, and at 1030 PM, I opened the door as I read the prepared greeting. It was a cold night, so I felt a rush of cold air. Were they inside the house? (Throughout their 5 day stay, I would feel breezes of cold air. I like to think it's their wings.) Anyway, around 1035 PM, I felt compelled to crack open the Bible to a random page. The reading? Chronicles Chapter 3. The building of Solomon's Temple, with the last verse describing Cherubims with each wing spanning 5 cubits. 5-5. The Angels are supposed to stay at your house for 5 days, rest for 5 days, before going to the the next host for 5 days. In Angel numbers, 555 means huge changes in your life. We're off to a great start.

02/26: I slept through the night, and when I did wake up, had no trouble going back to sleep. I asked Uriel to accompany me that day as I ran errands. When I got home, I happened to glance at the clock: 444 PM. In angel numbers, “There are angels – they’re everywhere around you! You are completely loved, supported and guided by many Heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear.” Wow!

I went on Facebook that night. Doreen Virtue's fan page had this quote: "The advantage of having additional angels is that you have an extra cushion of love energy around you, making you less vulnerable to problems and trouble." I slept like a baby again that night.

02/27: I woke up after a lovely dream about traveling with Ewan McGregor. ( I will be traveling to Scotland in April so maybe that's what this dream was about.) Before heading out to work with Gabriel, Blue Moon Shamanic's Facebook page had this to tell me: "Your angels and spirit guides want you to know that life is all about balance. It is time to create more balance in your life; work and play; relationship time alone and alone time; social time and quiet meditation; physical activity and rest; giving and receiving; feminine energy and masculine energy. Balancing out each aspect of your life will enable you to give your energy to the world in a much more grounded and centered way. Call on your spirit helpers to assist you with this."

I had a great day at work. No drama, no worries. I didn't feel like being sucked into the complaining and whining mode that the other ladies get into. When I went on Facebook at 1125 PM, a high school classmate invited me to *like* their husband & wife home business page. What did I see? This photo of angel figurines.
My question for the angels this day was about my job. I read this quote but I can't remember whose page it was. "Hold the intention of letting the universe move you along. Don't resist the 'push' that encourages you to expand and grow; instead enjoy the ride that the current flow provides." What does this mean? Stay or go?

02/28: I read Psalm 95 before going to work with Raphael. I also found out that Doreen Virtue (DV) was traveling, and she posted this prayer: "Dear Archangel Raphael, I ask that you stay with me as my traveling companion on this journey. Thank you for ensuring my safe passage, arrival with all of my luggage, transportation, food and lodging needs taken care of in wonderful ways. Thank you for helping my trip to be especially fun, fruitful, and pleasant." I should use that all the time.

At work, I saw a penny with Abraham Lincoln's head showing. Have you heard the saying that when an angel misses you, they toss a penny down from heaven? You're even supposed to inspect the penny, look at the date for any significance. When I googled 'pennies from heaven', I found this quote: "So don't pass by that penny, when you're feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven that an angel tossed to you."---Charles Marshburn

02/29: The last dream I remembered when I woke up was being in some sort of fancy resort, with lots of pools and water views. I was lost and stopped for directions, trying to get from Route 41 to Route 53. But I woke up in a great mood. It's LEAP DAY! A bonus day. I saw this quote: "Sometimes the only mode of transportation is a leap of faith." The song 'Leap of Faith' from Rent ran through my head all morning. I asked Metatron to accompany me, because we had a staff meeting that day. He is the voice of God after all.

What a bad day this was! We had snow, sleet, freezing rain. We lost power for 3 hours because heavy wet snow broke tree branches and blew out the transformer. We had no computer, no phone lines. I found out my boss took out my usual hour long lunch after the meeting. I was feeling very angry and antsy and just wanted to go home. But we went on with the meeting. Afterwards, D and I were supposed to start calling patients (with our own cellphones!) to see if they were coming or if they had called to cancel because of bad weather. Thankfully, the power came back on an hour earlier than what they said. So we ended up working the whole day anyway. I tried to snap out of my bad mood the rest of the day, but I ended up apologizing to Metatron the whole time because I couldn't.

When I got home, DV was advising people on FB to 'write down thoughts on paper or type on computer.' She said this is effective because it allows you to express yourself completely. If you save your prayer, it's a physical reminder that you've dealt with the issue by giving it to the angels. I never wanted to quit my job as much as I did this day. I wanted to call out sick the next day. I kept asking the angels for signs if I should or not. I kept seeing white roses on television. Was this a yes?

3/1: The last day of their visit. I decided I'd go to work anyway because the work schedule is crazy. As I got ready to go to work, I got really anxious and felt like my heart was racing. My hands felt shaky, I started to get a bit of headache. I called my boss to tell him I wasn't coming in. He sounded PO'd. Oh well. I told my other co-worker J I needed a mental health day. She's the one who had to call the patients to reschedule or cancel them. Around 750 AM, my co-worker D called to see how I was doing. Turned out she herself wasn't coming in to work. She was in bed the night before and all of a sudden felt like she couldn't breathe. She was taken to the ER where her blood pressure and heart rate bottomed out. They admitted her to the cardiac unit. They still didn't know what was wrong with her. I told her we'd stay in touch. As she told me her symptoms, I started getting anxious again. I asked Michael to make me feel better. And he did.

After saying the rosary and meditation, I dozed off and when I woke up, I texted D to see what was going on. Nothing yet. Of course my boss leaves a message to find out if I was working the next day; he was scheduled to have the day off. I called the job and told J and S that I would be coming in. (S is the one whose sister sent me the angels.) She said something that made me wonder. She said I probably didn't feel well because I was sad the angels were leaving that day.

I always feel guilty when I call out sick, especially when 2 of us are out. But a part of me was OK with it, because I've been peeved at my boss P. A little history: He's been giving special treatment to this problem patient who doesn't even need PT at this point. This is a guy who complained to corporate about me. Thank goodness my boss's boss said I had very good documentation and it was left at that. Anyway, because P caters to this patient, he neglects the other patients. One very sweet old lady who's in a lot of pain actually reported my boss to corporate, saying he massages the other patient's shoulder for an hour. (He doesn't even need it.) I overheard my boss the previous week throw me under the bus. He made it seem like it was my fault because the other guy doesn't want to see me anymore so he's had to overbook himself. So I had no guilt the rest of the day. Let him work all day by himself.

When I went on Neale Donald Walsch's page, he said "Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. There is a situation in your life right now where you are being asked to do your best, your very best. Maybe it is in finding forgiveness for another. Or understanding something that you just haven't been able to understand. Whatever that situation is (and you know exactly what it is right now). are you doing the best that you can? If you are, so be it. Yet if you think you might do better, allow this little nudge today to be your gift for the soul." Darn. Guess I have to be nicer to my boss. Forgive that other patient who thinks he's a VIP?

I took it easy the rest of the day. Watched TV, fell asleep again. When I logged onto FB, DV again had some wise words for me: "I am strong because God is within me, supporting me in all ways. I am a great healer and it is safe for me to be powerful." I'm a good PT. Check. Later that day, she had this to say: "The only reason why you sometimes feel powerless is because you become unaware of your Source. Since you're continuously tapped into Divine Energy and God is eternally strong, your might never leaves you or diminishes."

Oh and I saw 444 PM again. YEY! The angels made me feel safe and happy.

1030 PM rolled around. And I don't know if I'm just hormonal, but I really felt sad and actually teared up a little. I wrote down the names and addresses of my sisters who I'll be sending them on to. I lit a real candle because I have to burn this paper and the envelope with my wishes. I went downstairs to put on my shoes and I swear I felt warm air on my left cheek. I had a strange feeling it was Metatron giving me a goodbye kiss. I opened the door, thanked them for the blessings, wished them a good rest period as well as a wonderful journey to my sisters. I finished the rest of the ritual by eating the apple (which was very sweet and juicy) and went outside to place the flower on the ground for Mother Earth to recycle.

I didn't know what to do with myself after they left. I remembered I had taped the premiere episode of Jason Isaacs' new show "Awake" that night. I watched it ( I like it!) and at the end, was amazed to see the name of the production company as the credits rolled. I actually had to rewind it to make sure. Letter Eleven (with the two t's being the number 11). 1111 is an auspicious angel number, meaning "“Stay positive. Everything you’re thinking about right now is coming true, so be sure that you’re only thinking about what you desire. Give any fears to God and the angels.” Even the name of the show seemed to be a message---awake. Heighten awareness. Increase consciousness. Wake up to your life.

Epilogue: I went to work Friday and today. Friday, I was expecting my boss to have the day off, but when he was there to cover D's 4 hours, I was slightly disappointed that I had to see him. But his presence didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.
I went to church today. The readings were on page 999. In angel numbers, “This is a message signifying completion of an important chapter in your life, and now it’s time to get to work – without procrastination – on your next life chapter. This number sequence is like an alarm clock, ringing loudly in order to jolt you into working on your life purpose!” Amen. Thank you.

Love and Light to all.

“When love beckons to you follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth......

But if in your fear you would seek only love's peace and love's pleasure, Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love's threshing-floor, Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears. Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.

Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love. And think not you can direct the course of love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course. Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself."

But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness. To be wounded by your own understanding of love; And to bleed willingly and joyfully.” ― Kahlil Gibran


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