As the winds howled and the lights flickered, I stopped to meditate for a couple of minutes.  I asked for the winds to calm down, prayed for the safety of everyone on the East Coast, sent love and light to all.  Tears started to come.  Why must we treat our home planet with such disregard and cause her such pain?

"Sandy, can't you see, I'm in misery."

Please protect us from hurricane Sandy.  We're sorry we haven't taken better care of you. I promise to do better.

And this is just sad, that Republicans do not want to make it easier for returning vets get civilian jobs. From wars that they started.

I just have to keep posting this. Even Jon Stewart cried at the end. 

 Don't you just love the look on the President's face when he said this to Romney? Romney just looked angry.

 No, Governor Romney. You cannot put women in binders.That's just not true.

Random musings from my weird day at work. First, we were watching "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" on TV and a contestant said he can marry his same sex partner in the state where he lives.  My elderly patient just blurts right out:  "Same sex marriage is repulsive."  It took a great deal of self control for me to just say that everyone's entitled to their opinion, but personally, I don't see how letting gay people marry would hurt me or most other people.  If they want to have the same rights as other people have, why deny them that?

Then another patient has had a seizure disorder for years now after a group of kids ganged up on her and beat her up in the school that she worked in.  Now she has seizures all the time, even at night. One of her doctors bluntly told her that she could die in her sleep.  Shortly after her brutal beating, her husband of 7 years passed away from cancer.  She called him the love of her life, her soulmate.  How much can one person endure?  Now her only companions are her full time home health aide, and her service dogs.  The dogs can sense when she's going to have a seizure, cueing her and other humans near her.  They stay with her, protect her, prop her up if she's fallen.  Morrissey was right:  animals are nicer than people.

Mitt Romney: Soft on Wall Street, Tough on Sesame Street.---@Big Bird Romney


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