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Dear Ann Romney,
As a woman who dearly loves her man like you do, but will on many occasions make jokes at his expense, I get why you want to come to the defense when your husband is being mocked. I get that it is hard to stand there and watch the vitriol fly at someone you love. But you know what’s even harder? Watching someone so self-righteous, so self-centered, and so selfish and out-of-touch with the world around them telling people, “Stop it. This is hard.” Frankly Ann, shut the fuck up.
First Lady Michelle Obama was at a NASCAR event and she got booed. BOOED! Did she say, “Stop it! This is hard!” No, she did not.
First Lady Michelle Obama is often being ragged on about her arms by the right wing and told she is fat. Does she say, “Stop it! This is hard!” No, she does not.
First Lady Michelle Obama is constantly called “Moochelle” by the right wing claiming she is fat and looks like a cow. Does she say, “Stop it! This is hard!” No, she does not.
First Lady Michelle Obama’s husband President Barack Obama is constantly having racial epithets thrown his way. Does she say, “Stop it! This is hard!” No, she fucking does not.
Ann, being a woman is hard. Being a woman in love is hard because it takes everything in her to love someone so stupid unconditionally. What is hard is being a minority woman in this country. What is hard is having to work two or three jobs to put food on the table at home. What is hard is trying to study and do homework while in college with children and a husband at home who need to eat, need a clean home, need help with their homework (if they are of school age), or need sex. What is hard is trying to fathom the things your husband says.
Oh, and this is especially even harder: watching you on TV claim and boast about how much you love your husband and your man, and that if we just get to know him we’ll like him too, but not telling us WHY. Why do you love your husband? Because he makes you laugh? That’s great. He makes me laugh too. I think it’s laughable that he thinks he knows best about what I should do with my uterus. I think it’s funny that he’s obviously so blindly racist, he felt a self-tanner would appeal to Latino voters (like myself) to make them like him better. 150 years ago YOU PEOPLE might have thought that black people or other persons of color were stupid, but do you think that’s changed? Do your husband or anyone working on his campaign think that we are so far gone and stupid that we don’t know what he did? Again, shut the fuck up.
You know what is hard, Ann? Having to constantly listen and watch the Republican Party boast about how great you are and how Michelle is not. What makes you and everyone else think you’re much better than the rest of the women in America? Is it because your husband borrowed money from his father to start his own business; because you’re able to afford to raise your 5 sons into douchebags from 5 different homes; because you managed to get your horse to England for the London Olympics without opening the windows on the plane or tying it to the roof; because your husband’s worth is a quarter of a billion dollars and it’s still not enough to buy you any class?
What is hard, Ann, is growing up in poverty. What is hard is wanting so bad to be out of poverty, but the party you support fights so hard to keep those of us in said poverty in it. What is hard is watching the likes of you and your party succeed in instilling fear in the population and making them root for the rich guys who could give two shits about them. What is hard is watching your party wanting to create a monarchy and fighting for aristocracy over the people, which is exactly the opposite of what our Fathers fought for. They fought for the common people; fought for freedom; fought for the right to prosper; and fought for the right to think freely.
What is hard, Ann, is seeing a man who was born at a time when there was still racial inequality and oppression, and overcoming all of that to become the first black president of the United States. What is hard is seeing a man who cares about the country he was born and raised in; its people; its land; its heart; and constantly hearing racial epithets against him from people of the party you support. What is hard is hearing people calling President Obama’s mother a whore and then attacking single mothers. What is hard is hearing people calling President Obama and his beautiful wife and daughters monkeys and niggers, and then claiming they are not racist by embracing Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, and Herman Cain.
What is hard, Ann, is what Michelle Obama has to live with day by day. She constantly has to hear these comments made about her, her daughters, and her husband. She’s constantly being ostracized by the right because she wants our children to eat better. Michelle is always instilling into her daughters that hard work, dedication, and their studies are what are going to make them successful. Michelle is always hearing the vitriol and hate the right wing is constantly spewing to her husband. Michelle is 100 million times the strong woman than you will ever be.
Things are hard, Ann. But you know what is so easy? Dishing out exactly what is given to us. What is hard is taking it. So, here’s my advice: shut the fuck up. If it’s so hard having to stand by and hear the things people are criticizing your husband for, perhaps you should tell your husband to stop being a stupid, pompous, racist, bigoted, ambitious idiotic douchebag, and things just might, MIGHT get easier for you, and for the sake of the population.
A Pissed Off Latina Voter

 So I started watching Revolution, the new TV show executive produced by JJ Abrams. It's bringing back memories of Lost.

Kate McKinnon's so good!

World's ugliest fish? Just sad looking, really. The blob fish.

Hobbit Birthday to the Bagginses, Bilbo and Frodo!

Party in the Shire!

september 19.
ok, i think i figured it out.
mitt romney is disdainful of anyone receiving government assistance because:
1- he comes from a rich and privileged background, so he’s never needed or
received government assistance.
2- he comes from a rich and privileged background, so he’s never known
anyone who’s needed or received government assistance.
almost everyone i know has received some sort of government assistance,
whether it’s student loans or small business loans or medicare
or medicaid, and almost everyone i know now pays taxes and contributes to
i’ll use myself as an example.
i was the only child of a single working mom. we struggled a lot
economically, and there were times when we lived off of food stamps and
social security and government assistance. and then when i went to university
of connecticut and suny purchase i received pell grants and student loans.
so, according to mitt romney, i was part of the 47%: “who are dependent upon
government, … who pay no income tax. … My job is not to worry about
those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal
responsibility and care for their lives.”
in the last 20 years i have either personally or professionally paid millions of
dollars in income taxes to the state, local, and federal government. i have
employed hundreds of people, who have in turn paid income taxes and in
many cases have gone on to start their own businesses.
so i think it’s safe to say that the government assistance my mother and i
received was money well spent. i was able to go to decent schools and get
a decent education, all thanks to ‘government assistance’. my mother and i
were able to eat, all thanks to ‘government assistance’. i was able
to see doctors, all thanks to ‘government assistance’. we were able to pay
our rent at times thanks to ‘government assistance’.
not to mention the roads, clean water, streetlights, police departments,
fire departments, clean air, libraries, public transit, electricity, etc
that all came from the government and enabled my mother and i to stay
alive and live good, educated, safe, and healthy lives.
mitt romney came from extreme wealth. he has never once needed financial
assistance from the government, as his family had millions and millions of
but there are millions and millions and millions of americans like me who
didn’t come from extreme wealth and who needed help with education and
food and health care and shelter, but who have gone on to start businesses
and pay taxes.
we are not an ‘entitled’ class, we are not ‘dependent upon the federal
government’ and we do not consider ourselves ‘victims’.
we are the hundreds of millions of americans who had the misfortune of not
being born to millionaire parents.
so i understand why mitt romney is disdainful of government assistance, as
his parents paid for everything and he never needed help being fed or
educated or looked after by doctors. i understand that in mitt romney’s entire
life he’s never known anyone who’s needed student loans. he’s never known
anyone who needed food stamps to keep their family fed. he’s never known
anyone who’s had to spend hours in a health clinic just to get basic medical
care. he’s never known anyone who couldn’t pay the rent.
i understand that mitt romney grew up with phenomenal wealth and privilege
but i don’t understand why that leads him to contemptuously dismiss anyone
(like my mother and i) who have, at times, needed government help with
food and education and shelter and health care.
mitt romney is a product of wealth and privilege. that does not give him
the right to loathe and dismiss the rest of us who are not the product of
wealth and privilege.
oh, for some reason i was thinking of ‘common people’ by pulp when i heard
romney’s quotes.
“But still you’ll never get it right,
cos when you’re laid in bed at night,
watching roaches climb the wall,
if you call your Dad he could stop it all.

You’ll never live like common people,
you’ll never do what common people do,
you’ll never fail like common people,
you’ll never watch your life slide out of view.”

-Common People by Pulp

"So, if I'm so poor that the govt CANT tax me, that's bad. But if I'm so rich that I can find ways to AVOID taxes, that's good?"@KathyDeitch

 "Mitt Romney, the guy who pays no taxes on millions of dollars thinks you're a welfare freeloader. God Bless 47% of America!"---Chris Rock
 Oh Mitt Romney, you really are the villain Bain.

Before  Eastwooding, there was Linusing.

Along with my sadness and anger over the unnecessary deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other US Consulate staff in Libya, I'm equally dumbfounded by the Romney response. First, the Republicans' took their "You didn't build that" misinterpretation and ran with it. Now, the Cairo Embassy's statement that “it condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims—as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.” is also being misused. After being misunderstood. By a presidential nominee no less.  Who went to Harvard.

I have read the Embassy statement over and over.  Am I missing something?  What part of that statement did he take to mean that the administration is anti-First Amendment?  And that "the Obama Administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”And then he had the nerve to say:  "The administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt, instead of condemning their actions. It's never too early for the United States government to condemn attacks on Americans and to defend our values."

Does the man not understand English?  Or is it me who's not reading it right?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it obvious that the original statement meant that free speech is a universal right? But the cowardly man who made that horrible movie abused that right. And that the Embassy people are condemning the mob who invaded their compound. WTF is Romney talking about? Where was the apology to the perpetrators?  Why can't you just be respectful? Or even better, don't say anything if you don't have all the facts straight.  Then again, it is true that the great thing about freedom of speech is that we find out who the idiots are.

Mr. Romney, Oscar Wilde is right:  “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.”

How cool is this?!

 "Bravery resides in every heart. And some day it will be summoned."  Vice President Joe Biden's wonderful speech at the 911 memorial service in Pennsylvania.

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Dedicate yourself to non-violence in thoughts, words, and actions.  Peace can only be created by those who are peaceful.  "Love without action is meaningless. Action without love is irrelevant."


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