Let Michael Jackson rest in peace. It's obscene and disrespectful how the family still won't bury the man. Give him the peace he never got in life.

Check it out! My sister's new business.

EDSA Revolution. Tiananmen Square. Lech Walesa and Solidarity. The fall of the Berlin Wall. Velvet Revolution.

Courage, our Iranian friends. Change is afoot. May good things come to your nation very very soon.

My co-worker Debbie called out sick yesterday because her shoulder was hurting. She jokingly told my boss that I punched her on the arm the night before. Our student Laura was listening to the conversation, and afterwards asked me if I really hit Deb. I asked her if she actually thought I'd do something like that. She said yes, and that would have been some fight to see. My reaction? "Aww I'm so flattered!"

To my fellow Filipinos, Happy Independence Day! Someday our country will be free from tyranny, injustice and oppression.

May Stephen Tyrone Johns rest in peace.

I'm so glad these talented boys won! Although they were so overwhelmed at first, they ended up giving a very funny speech. Nice shout-out to their dance schools and teachers. Congratulations Billys!

No to Conass!

Shameless Filipino politicians! At least people are rising up against the Constituent Assembly.

Just Say NO!

An overweight patient of mine commented that if I lost any more weight, if I stick my tongue out I'd look like a zipper.

And a GOOD DAY to you,too, Sir!

A would-be convenience store robber was stopped in his attempt by the owner's act of kindness. The rifle-toting owner gave the man $40 and a loaf of bread.

There might be hope for the human race.

Happy Birthday to our Mother!


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