Theatre lovers

Bebe Neuwirth with Jim Caruso at the Celebrity Table
Kate Baldwin

Broadway Bares table
Megan Sikora with Bebe
tank top worn by Daniel Craig during A Steady Rain. Hugh Jackman also signed it.

Broadway Bears
Kristin Chenoweth at Maddie's Corner

Choreographer Jerry Mitchell wearing a Catch me if you Can jacket.

Lurch from The Addams Family

Broadway know-it-all Seth Rudetsky. He signed my copy of his book, The Q Guide to Broadway.

One of our administrative assistants loves musicals like I do. She works on Saturdays and inevitably, encounters problems with the computer or the printer. Or she has questions about certain patients or about the schedule. She has taken to leaving copious notes for our main admin. person. They're funny and creative. I copied last week's note because I had a starring role in it. Here it is:

"I was going to spray a little perfume on this paper like Sandy in Grease when she sang Hopelessly Devoted to You, but sadly we only have air freshener. So you will just have to imagine some perfume.
But seriously, -is there some key to getting the printer to work on Saturday? I tried turning it on and off, pushing more buttons, then I hit it dramatically, ran out of the room and then back again. The printer and I sang a love/break-up duet and still nothing. Please tell me the trick to printer usage. I will ask Lani...
who by the way is dressed slightly inappropriately for work. The outfit of the Dr. from Rocky Horror is fine (although a little chilly today) but the heels were way too high for work. Flats would have been better and safer for the patients.

Neither Lani nor D-- could fix the printer. I promptly fired them both. Apparently, I have no authority to do that, so they are unfortunately still employed despite their lack of printer fixing skills (Lani even tried breaking the other printer out of spite). All of this was done WITHOUT music or dancing.

D-- and Lani did re-enact the gang fight scene from West Side Story. They tied themselves together at the wrist and pulled out plastic butter knives. I'm not sure who was a Jet or a Shark, but the whole thing was over a fax cover sheet. Crazy!

I pulled charts, again without the aid of a printout and filed. I tried to do more, but Lani would not stop her one woman show. She danced and sang from all different musicals, sometimes switching from character to character. The one woman duets were the best. The dancing was confusing though. It is hard to dance with yourself. She is an excellent Evita. The solo from Cats was creepy, mostly because she was crawling around like a cat. I was impressed with the Dreamcoat she fastened from different colored copy paper. That was impressive. She might want to take her show on the road.

  • "The chariot of the mind is being driven by wild horses. It is up to us to tame them."
  • "Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I let go of grievances and choose miracles. Thy will be done."

I went on vacation recently. Since we were in the middle of nowhere most of the time, there was no cellphone signal. It was only when we'd get to our hotel or restaurant that we'd be able to use our phones. It was annoying that me and my travel companions would be sitting at the dinner table and they'd be all bent over texting, surfing the net, sometimes talking, on their cellphones. I did a forced digital cleanse by not going online but still occasionally texting when I HAD to.

Where have our manners gone? One of the women did apologize but she kept on doing it. I prefer the silent, awkward pauses or gaps in conversation than be made to feel that whatever is happening on Facebook or on the internet is more interesting than the person you're with. Aside from no texting while driving, there should be no texting or any cellphone use at the dinner table. I don't remember exactly what my sister Cecile said, but the gist of it was that in a world where we're SO connected through technology, we're actually more disconnected. Especially when you're sitting in front of one other and doing everything but talk to each other.


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