I love, love, love this Winter Olympics commercial!

It's great to see Filipinos in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, J.R. Celski and Amanda Evora. Mabuhay!

I read on Facebook that Valentine's Day is S.A.D---Singles Awareness Day. This was amusing, but partly insulting. Being single doesn't necessarily mean you're sad or lonely. I saw Conan O'Brien interview Quentin Tarantino, who said he doesn't want to get married or have kids right now, because everyone says it changes your life. And he loves his life the way it is. That struck a chord with me. But annually, February 14 arrives to remind us that society expects different.

But I digress. What I wanted to rail about was this: Valentine's is a weird pseudo-holiday. And as a singleton, I say this without any bitterness or envy. For many years, women have fought for equal rights, equal pay, the right to vote, etc. But once a year, ladies want flowers, dinner, chocolates, etc. Why can't YOU buy your own darn jewelry? Many intelligent, strong, independent women turn into complaining, whimpering and whining creatures because their man didn't do anything special for them on V-Day. Or what their partners did not meet their demands. And I think THAT is what's sad.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Lost is back for its final season. Here's a collection of Sawyer's nicknames for everyone.

Colbert totally nails Spitzer! The former NY governor took it all in stride. Kudos to him for having a sense of humor.

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I am not a big fan of my boss, but his 2 year old son is a sweetheart. I was sitting next to a patient when my boss's family dropped by during his lunch break. I had never met them before. The little boy came over to say hello, laid his head on my lap and planted a kiss on my thigh. And all this time, our administrative assistants had been begging for a hug or kiss.

When my friend Pinky first signed me up on Facebook last year, I thought it was a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. Lately, I've gotten tired of it. You do find some fun and informative things on it. But there's plenty to get annoyed about. Oh please spare us the typos and grammatical errors, the unfunny and sometimes inappropriate comments. My sister Lynn was telling me about the different types of Facebookers: people who think they're outscooping everyone about current events, the jetsetters who show you hundreds of photos of their travels( I know I'm just jealous of them), the ever-loving and proud parents, the tell-all ones who provide every minute detail of their day to day existence, etc. Now I'm sure I'm all these at various times. It's just interesting that our society now encourages this sort of thing. Everyone's a star on Youtube. Everyone's telling us what they think on FB, what they're doing on Twitter. The self-indulgent nature and frivolity of this culture is astounding. Now before you tell me I'm a hypocrite because of course here I am blogging, I do understand the paradox. I blog because it's therapeutic. And some things, I just want to enshrine and remember for a long time, even if it's just online. It just seems like no one wants to be anonymous anymore. Is this the way humans are evolving?

Who better to talk about this than Stephen Colbert? Here's a funny but truthful bit on his show last night:

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