From Mike: "What's up cumber beeatches!"

Is it safe to go on Facebook now? Will we stop hearing about how motherhood is the hardest yet most fulfilling thing ever? How mothers can never relax. That they never get a break, even on Mothers' Day. How it should be Mothers' Day everyday. ( It really is, because you're a mom everyday.) Or how it was a disaster because whatever their kids and husband did for them, it wasn't to their liking. (How ungrateful.) Or that they really just want a day to themselves. (Then why don't they tell their families they just want to do their own thing for the day? Turn off Facebook, twitter, tablets/laptops. Oh wait. Then they'll just start posting about how they miss their children, how their family didn't do anything for them, how could they leave her alone, etc. etc.)

Not to minimize mothers, and what they do and go through, but we never heard our mothers and grandmothers complain or say these kinds of things. At least I don't remember it. They just did what mothers do. Mother. So STFU, my high school classmates who have kids. Or I can just un-friend/block everybody. (Maybe just the moms? Wait, that's almost everyone.)  Even better, maybe just get off Facebook.

And while I'm foaming at the mouth, on a totally unrelated note, this was on FB today, written by a high school classmate who just voted in the Philippines.--- "Finished voting at 11:45 am.....the loooooong line is so intolerable...finally doctors fall in line also aside from the immigration hahaha let's just do our obligation anyway:))"  Did you see what she did there? She let everybody know that she's a doctor, and that she travels a lot (which she does, based on all her FB posts). Now tell me something: what did she mean by this nonsensical status post? That doctors aren't supposed to queue? I know she has money, but does she usually have people fall in line for her? And she only lines up to get visas and to vote. 

At least I got this text from Liza, my friend and college classmate: "You're a beautiful person! Just thought of you today just because!"

Seriously, what is wrong with South Carolina?

Please Change Me Divine Beloved
into someone
who can feel wildly open to receiving.

Let me know my own value, beauty and
worthiness without question.
Let me allow others the supreme pleasure of giving to me.
Let me feel worthy to receive in every possible way.

Change me into One who can fully love, forgive
and accept myself... so I may carry your Light
without restriction.

Let everything that needs to go, go.
Let everything that needs to come, come.
I am utterly Your own.

You are Me.
I am You.
We are One.

All is well.

 This seems to be the theme for this weekend.

"Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you."

"Die if you worry; die if you don't."


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