Pinky and I met this Scottish Highlands cow 2 years ago at The Trossachs Woollen Mill at Kilmahog, near Callander,  courtesy of Timberbush Tours. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 22. He was the oldest of his kind in Scotland and the second oldest in the world. 

A big thank-you to all those who have served. Happy Veterans' Day!

There was a bird singing outside my balcony yesterday for probably a good half hour. I would go and watch it for a few minutes every once in a while. It sang its little heart out. So I get the bright idea of trying to take a picture of it.  Of course when it heard (or felt) my approach, it flew away. End of the concert. Why do we always try to ruin these types of moments by trying to capture it on camera, instead of just enjoying it?

...Owl be there.
Whenever you want me, Owl be there.
Whenever you need me, Owl be there.
Owl be around.


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