Jesus Christ is an incarnation of infinite Love. He is a beacon light in the shoals and storms of life. To be inspired by his Spirit is to transmute life into an illumined expression of God. The very thought of Christ brings peace and purity to the mind. How blessed indeed does life become when the mind ever dwells in him… Visualize the heart of Christ for a moment. How sublime it is! It is pure gold ever shining with the lustre of compassion, forgiveness and peace. It is a heart that thrills in symphony with the ailing heart of mankind. The waves of love that go out of it seek to soothe, heal, and purify the heart of every being.
– Swami (Papa) Ramdas -

First, I said goodbye to Middle Earth. Then, The Colbert Report. Tonight, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Such sorrow over characters, real and imaginary.

Me on a rainy or snowy day, Netflix-ing.

Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.

Visiting this museum after the Ferguson grand jury decision made the trip even more poignant. And now, no indictment either in Eric Garner's death.  It's heartening to see the people protesting. It's a sign of hope.  May they stay peaceful. I keep the families of the victims in my prayers.


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