From the London Underground. It applies to New York City, too.

Some people think you are crabby and difficult to get close to. They may have a point, but what they see as rudeness is just you being careful with the friends you pick.

You have incredibly high standards, but once someone has proven themselves to be worthy of your attention you'll pull an entire planet apart for them. And rescue them in the event of a Dalek attack.

Also, woe betide anyone that thinks you are frail or weak. There's a spark in your eyes that could become a raging fire.

I wish I was home.

Thanks, Anderson Cooper! The Silver Fox is always right.

May I love myself as I am today.
May I be happy and healthy.
May I be free of the suffering of imagining I am separate.
May I be safe and secure at home and work.
May I harbor no unkind thoughts or engage in aggressive actions.
May I be even-minded and serene no matter what happens to me today.
May I keep practicing loving kindness, compassion, joy at others’ success, and equanimity.

If someone is vexing you right now, say a prayer for that person. Send them all of your best energies. Nothing changes the environment like one person deciding to love another, no matter what.---Neale Donald Walsh

So I've been watching this for almost 10 Christmases now.


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