When I first saw Katie Stevens perform, I was blown away. The first thing I asked my nieces? Is she nice? And the answer was yes, without hesitation. Somehow, I had pre-judged her to be a diva type, maybe even the mean girl. I don't know why. Probably because she's so beautiful and talented, an honor student, a good daughter/granddaughter/sister and friend. I was probably looking for a flaw there somewhere. Which we all have a lot of anyway.

It was interesting to watch her American Idol journey, because she is judged by millions of people who don't know her. I know I was guilty of that when I first saw her. Yet people form an impression of her that couldn't be further from the truth. I've heard people say she's snobbish, stubborn and doesn't listen to the judges. And even a friend of mine who works with some teenagers said that Katie is not well-liked by teenaged girls. Perhaps a little jealousy? Are they threatened by her talent and good looks? Who knows?

Last night, Katie ended her quest to be the next Kelly Clarkson. Did she lose because not a lot of boys watch, much less vote on AI? It was very brave of her to put herself out there and live out her dream. It's a very human thing to judge other people. Even if their opinion of you is erroneous, there is nothing you can do about it. Miss Stevens can hold her up high. She did herself proud, including her family, friends and the state of Connecticut. The end of her AI aspirations could be the start of something big.

On the bright side, I can watch my Tuesday shows now and not have to suffer through another episode with Ryan Seacrest.



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