I found out today that a former patient of ours had OD'd on medications yesterday and passed away this morning. It turns out he had a history of depression. His wife is also an old patient and my heart just goes out to her.

Having a new found appreciation for life, I can't pretend to understand how much pain a person could be in that they think their only option is to check out. I wonder if suicidal people consider how their passing would affect their loved ones. It's interesting to think that everyday, thousands if not millions of people walk around not realizing that they do have an effect on other people. We didn't know much about K because he was quiet but pleasant. We knew enough to feel that the world is not better off without him. If only he knew that. That we all make a difference. We matter.

Maybe that's why they say we should all be kinder than necessary, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle. The briefest of encounters or even friendships can have a tremendous influence on someone. In this case, K's inner demons won. Hopefully, he can now find the peace he never found in life.



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