My boss and his wife went to Penn State. Other patients who are fans of their football team have been acting so aggrieved since the sex abuse scandal broke out. They speak in hushed tones, "It wasn't Joe Paterno's fault. He shouldn't have been fired, blah, blah blah..." I have a patient whose daughter is currently enrolled at Penn State and he wore the t-shirt yesterday to show support for the embattled school. My boss gently patted him on the shoulder and said "I feel your pain."

I am horrified and disgusted by the whole thing. The hardcore students rioted in response to the firing of their beloved coach? What about those innocent boys? There is no excuse for the actions/non-actions of the people involved, and my heart goes out to the victims and their families. At least some of the more reasonable students organized a candlelight vigil to remember the victims. And I sure hope those fanatical students are in the minority. I'm glad Jon Stewart put in eloquent words what other people should have thought of and said out loud.



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