I had a wonderful birthday, even though I had to go to work. I opened my birthday gifts...this mug from Cecile was the first one I opened. Got candles from Karina, a turtle neck and clock from Manang Etta. I didn't really want presents but thanks!

My co-workers gave me a funny card and a birthday cake. My patient's husband gave me flowers. A classmate I had reconnected with on Facebook sent me a birthday card, and a friend from Indiana sent an Edible Arrangement. I had my taxes done...well half-done. The Indian tax preparer was very concerned when he learned I was on disability for a while, and kept wishing me well. He seemed very religious, kept referring to God. Lovely man.
My eldest sister and her family then took me out for dinner. All in all a wonderful day. Lots of text messages, emails and voicemails. Life is good.
Thanks my dear family and friends! You make life worth living.



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