I guess Charlie Sheen got booed off stage at his Detroit show, the first stop of his so-called comedy tour. Now audience members want their money back, saying he wasn't funny. WHAT?! Stop the presses! THAT's NEWS! An actor who's not a stand-up comic being unfunny? How radical! But the real question is: how could you think that a spoiled, drug-addicted domestic abuser who's probably going through cocaine withdrawal psychosis would be funny?

Face it, you silly people who bought tickets to his show. You have no one else to blame but yourselves. You paid to see a train wreck, that's what it was. And now you have the nerve to demand a refund? You could have donated money to charity instead.

Now if perhaps you got tickets knowing he wouldn't be funny, but wanted your chance to heckle and boo him, THAT I'd begrudgingly respect. (The man clearly needs help though, not our ridicule.)



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