How wonderful to see Princes William and Prince Harry at Westminster Abbey on a happy occasion! I still remember the young boys walking behind the gun carriage carrying their mother's casket, nothing but the sound of the horses' hooves , the white flowers and the heart-breaking sight of the envelope with the single word "Mummy" on it.

Despite all the hype and criticism about Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials, weddings are always wonderful events. Yes, there's bigger news about the earthquake/tsunami, the economy, the situation in the Middle East, the devastating tornadoes in the U.S. That is precisely why we need some good news once in a while. The whole world collectively watching an uplifting story. That is a rarity. I love that a University-educated commoner is joining the royal family. I love that Princess Diana raised her boys in a loving, non-royal way. She would have been proud. It's sad that she's not around to witness all this.

Best wishes to the future King and Queen of England! Long Live and God bless you!



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