Even though I may be guilty of some of these at one time or another, I reserve the right to complain.

  1. Not rotating photos
  2. Blurry pictures
  3. Your latest or upcoming travel adventure (Yeah, yeah, jealous I am.)
  4. Status generators---it's good or funny because someone else wrote it.
  5. Cryptic messages e.g., "sad". Which leads to an avalanche of questions or comments that almost always will get no response from the person who posted it. I'm sure if you are really good friends, then you would have gotten a call or a message already about whatever is going on.
  6. Breaking news! Although there have been a few that I only heard about on FB. Very few.
  7. People complaining about their photos. Hey, it's you! What did I have to do with it? That's what the 'remove tag' button is there for.
  8. I don't really care about your farm, or hotel, restaurant, sometimes even your mafia.
  9. What does YOUR horoscope have to do with me?
  10. Why do other people have to know that I liked someone's photo or commented on an activity?



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